GTS 1000 - Meeting 2001

The meeting in 2001 took place from the 31.08 to the 03.09.2001 in "Haus Vilstal" in Pfronten/Allgäu. 17 GTS 1000 from completely Germany, Switzerland and the USA appeared there. The field was completed with a Thunderace and a XS 1100. The mood was great and could not be also clouded by the completely rotten weather on this week-end.


The Pictures:

Abfahrt_01.JPG (116459 Byte)      Abfahrt_02.JPG (229247 Byte)      Samstag_05.jpg (156792 Byte)      Samstag_20.jpg (226662 Byte)      Samstag_22.jpg (177334 Byte)

      The marching up begins. After a humid-happy night in the restaurant of the pension the group took installation for the first exit...       

Samstag_24.jpg (164829 Byte)      Reih und Glied mit Personal.jpg (102000 Byte)      Reih und Glied 3.JPG (68390 Byte)     Maut-Silvretta.JPG (589788 Byte)      Wet-talk.jpg (74087 Byte)

          Departure                Group picture by motorbike    The principal characters        Silvretta - Mautstation           Wet-Talk at Silvretta

Faschina_01.JPG (194279 Byte)      Faschina_02.JPG (233890 Byte)      Faschina_03.JPG (270633 Byte)     Faschina_04.JPG (199235 Byte)      Faschina_05.JPG (278048 Byte)

            Big tour break on Saturday at Gasthof Sonnenkopf in the Faschinajoch, we also had to wait for a few "scattered" participants. 



Faschina_06.JPG (285656 Byte)      Pause1.JPG (58464 Byte)      Pause2.JPG (43179 Byte)      Pause3.JPG (51533 Byte)      

         Plan view                         Coffee, tea and cake, a little soup maybe and gasoline conversations...

  Martin.jpg (179289 Byte)

A solar dance? If nothing was useful.


Remains only to hope which we have in 2002 in Schinkel with the weather more luck...